Wednesday, 9 June 2010

it's all happening...

It's stressful but it's bringing us all together, and i'm loving it. been into uni everyday this weeks so far and although the end is so nearly here, there is an awful lot left to do... i'm waiting to get my book back (tomorrow) my giclee prints (friday) and some more portfolio prints (friday). Also need to make up books with my book covers, which i won't have until friday or monday eek!. We'll all be in our worst clothes on friday/saturday painting our exhibition space, leaving it to dry on sunday and then up goes our work.
So, as a participant of this multimedia society we live in, i have taken pics on my iPhone today, and have been updating my twitter with regular information! Here's a couple of phone pics. First we have all my mounts - and the one piece i have to mount until i get my prints back, and my characters BIG on foamboard.

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