Sunday, 30 May 2010

It's FINISHED (Part 2!)

So earlier I was exclaiming that i had finished the book but not quite the cover.
Well on reflection I decided the old cover wasn't what i wanted anymore - so I re jigged it, along with the title page, and just because I love you all, I have decided to post them both here.

I am getting the book made up - a very small edition mind you, but if you are interested in having a copy of your own, get in touch. I will probably put a handful on my Etsy site when they have materialised.



Victoria Stitch said...

how much are you going to sell them for? i would love a copy!

Charlotte Cooke said...


Not sure yet - will wait to see what price the printers quote to print and bind them etc, then will work it out from that...

I think around £15 ish.

C x

ruth said...

I would like a book please! Let me know what it will cost. x

Dawn said...

I would love one thanks Charlotte. Looking forward to reading it. x

Charlotte Cooke said...

Hi All.

If you are still interested in buying a book, then please email your name and address to

I can take paypal or cheques.

C x