Thursday, 23 July 2009

I came across last year when i wanted to print some postcards for a module i was doing. It very quickly turned into a love affair as i came across all of the things you can do with them. They are quick, the products are gorgeous and they are very resonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a professional finish or just something a bit fun.

As i'm about to embark on the third and final year of my degree (eek!), i have been using my business head and have started to think to the future, what i want to be doing etc. I love creating, making cards and drawing. So, i have started to design business cards, which from moo you can get 10 free ones to see how they look. i managed to get two packs, one in each finish. I really can't decide which i prefer though. They are slightly different in colour intensity and tactility, both have pros and cons. It's just a decision i have to make! But once i do, i'll sort out which designs i want and get a proper bunch ready.

An example of the two different finishes. The left one is slightly glossy and more rigid, and the right is a paper feel, slightly more flexible, matt finish. the colours are more intense in these ones.

As well as networking with the cards, i want to put one in each order that i eventually send out when i sort out my greetings cards and other stuff i'm doing. I'm hoping to get a spot on, they sell some really gorgeous stuff.
I'm currently designing cards and intend to use moo again for printing services. I also got some stickers from moo, which i intend to use on envelopes when i post products out to people. I want to brand myself really well so people will use me again, and i love the little touches so i hope other people will love them on my stuff too.

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littlemithi said...

Hey there missy! Looks like yo been mighty busy this last month :)

Liking your macdonalds house characters ...

and aren't moos great? I'm still using the cards I made for my foundation ... almost all given away now so will be designing more in time for the degree show ...

much hugs