Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ronald Macdonald House

So I have now finished doing the work for the charity Ronald Macdonald House, and for my friend who works in the fundraising department in the bristol house. These characters were designed to go on the fundraising bumf, to show people the ways they can give. Each character is a 'friend' of rmh, 'loud friends', 'loyal friends', 'firm friends' and 'champion friends'.
These are the finished ones!

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Lu Cook said...

Hey Charlie, just to let you know, we're hoping to be (finally) launching the campaign by end of Nov. As soon as it's all up on the website I'll let you know. We'll also have a selection of stuff printed which I'll also send you samples of for yur portfolio. I'm excited- nI've been so waiting to use the buddies for ages!!!! Thanks for your talent and generosity hun.

Lu xxx