Monday, 23 April 2012

Trip to London

So today I am travelling into London to meet with my lovely publisher, Meadowside. So far it's going well although I had to move seats due to some dodgy guys staring. It always makes me feel like I've got something on my face... But anyway! So exciting because the 'Adventures of the owl and the pussycat' is in swing with an August deadline. Eek! I think it will poss be published summer 2013.

I am off to chat about the art first with my lovely art director Sarah, then we're meeting up with the editor and my mummy (the author if you're new to my blog/this book journey!) for a lovely spot of luncheon. Very nice.

I sometimes struggle with my job, scary deadlines and stress makes it quite hard, but then you get to waltz off to the big smoke and have lunch with your publisher, and it's not so bad!

Here's a little sketching I did on the train. Trains are bumpy.

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