Monday, 23 April 2012


So we went off to 'To a Tea' for lunch where there were a LOT of teas to choose from. However, Sarah and I played it reasonably safe and went for a Lady Grey. Also, thanks to Mr Mark Chambers, I now know that 'monkey picked tea' is "@markAchambers: @charlottecooke It's tea that monkeys pick,they're trained to and can pick tea in inaccessible areas like cliff faces etc..Oolong is one! :)"


They also had plenty of splendid cake! Of which I chose an orange polenta type loaf. It was tough to resist the brownie...

We then popped into the temporary Meadowside offices to have a go in the James Bond lift. It was actually in a James Bond film. Awesome.

Then we walked past St Paul's so obviously I had to take a photo.

So it's back to Victoria for me to catch a train back to my baby, and process all the awesome stuff we chatted about for our book! So SO excited about it. :)

Me and me Ma!

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