Monday, 30 April 2012

In your face, deadline...

THANKFULLY i'm NOT heading to the job shop!

I managed to meet my deadline with only one change to the colour illos today (sadly Peppa Pig got the chop, she is now a monster truck poster...!). I was up till 3am! i don't think i've seen 3 since my daughter was a few months old... i don't like it very much.

However, I feel I may be seeing it all the more often between now and September.

Mustn't dilly dally, got another lot of pencil spreads to whip up (story no.3) and a whole new set of colours to get started on (story no.2) !



June said...

3am is not a nice time when you have work still to do, but not so bad if you just met a deadline.
Good luck with your next project. Don't forget to rest a little to keep your work fresh and your body well :o)

Kate_illustrates said...

Wowzers Charlotte! When the deadlines keep coming I think our jobs one of the most stressful there is and that's without taking into account that you have the job of being a new mum too! By the sound of things your doing amazing. Keep it up and if you need to vent you know where I am. Good luck chuck :-)