Friday, 29 May 2009

Screen Printed Posters

So, i've been beavering away trying to get all my work finished for our second year deadline in 4 days (eek!) but thought it was time i put up a little bit of what i'm doing for it.
I finally decided i would make a 30's inspired public announcement poster, warning about swine flu. I based my poster on one by the WPA back in 1936-9, and changed a few key things. The idea of the posters is that they could be aimed at humans or the animals. the choice is yours which one it is.


littlemithi said...

Nice! We likes!

Am off to do some errands but should be blogging my final piece up later today ...

well done Mrs Charlie :)

pearl said...

Woah. Super lush.
I love the color combos. Nothing beats pink and blue, don't know why! :)