Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat

It's finally here. 

2 Boxes of books for competitions and giveaways and reviews, landed on my doorstep this week.

I am so over the moon, they look so gorgeous, thank you so much to the team at Parragon Books who have done such a beautiful job taking the book on from Meadowside Books, who we sadly waved goodbye to last year.

It's also really REALLY special because it grew out of a chat around my mum's kitchen table (Coral Rumble) where she took some jumbled up ideas that i had, wrote them into an awesome rhyming story, and here we are now. 
It's so special to see our names together on the spine.

SO! To celebrate I am giving away copies on all my social media channels.

On Twitter : (click for link)

Help me get to 1000 followers by the week of the 21st October (launch week) and I will randomly choose 3 followers to win a signed copy (by me and my Mum!) of the book!

On Facebook : (Click for link)

Ok! FB competition no.2! I'd love to see the best, most imaginative sea creature you (or your kids!) can draw. Coloured drawings score more points! This competition will close next Sunday (midnight) so you have a whole week to work on your masterpieces and upload them! (Upload the pics to me in a private message and I will publish them on the page!) Go and create!

On the Blog : 

Throughout the book, the little boy is often accompanied by a very naughty seagull! Like the 'wanted' poster below, i'd like to see your own WANTED! poster. 
It can be anyone, or anything. A pet, a person, even a cheeky sock that keeps disappearing (we all have one of those socks...) and email your entries to by the 21st October, for another way to win a book.

The beauty is, you can enter ALL of the competitions, so you have a triple chance of winning!
So what are you waiting for? Get your creative on!

C x

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ReadItDaddy said...

This looks absolutely brilliant! Would love to review it!