Friday, 19 August 2011

It's been a really long time...

...since i posted anything on my blog!

PLEASE forgive my absence, but we have moved house, decorated the house, and I have been finishing off and starting projects left right and centre! And all these things are very important as I am an ever ticking time bomb, with now only 9 weeks to go until my D day (Due date!)... So it's all engines go to get it all done before baby arrives.

On the plus side though I can do a huge post here with some work I have been doing over the past few months (YAY!) and finally show you some of the things i've been colouring in :)

So to start off with we have some artwork from 'Lucille Gets Jealous' - a book i finished recently for Capstone Publishers (Little Boost Books) in the US of AAAAAAAAAA! Absolutely loved doing this book and LOVED working with them too. I have permission from them to put this work up so it's all good! Not sure when the book is out but i'll keep you posted.
The book is about Lucille who is jealous of her baby sister Margaret, and it finds Lucille getting into a sticky mess before finding out she is loved just as much as her sister. Cute story. Here are some images:

Next up we have some spreads from 'Starvin' Marvin's Big Day Out' - the third book I have illustrated for Karen Davies and her charity, Blazing Glory. You can see the previous two books i have illustrated HERE.

Very cute lions. Lions are actually quite hard to draw, well they were when i started to draw them. I always find reference is helpful when I don't know how to draw something. Always the best way to go!

So there is a little full colour update - will also do another post about a very EXCITING project I have started this week.

Bye for now!

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