Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hi everyone...

...i'd like to apologise for the quietness on the blog front - and here are my reasons.

1. I have lots of work.
2. I contractually, on the whole, can't post said work on the blog.
3. Because of all the work i have no time to produce other work to post on the blog.
4. Therefore, i am left in a catch 22.

SO, to rectify this, I am taking a gamble and am presenting you with a koala on a bike, from a book i'm working on in America. Sadly only the book, not I, will be IN America. I hope you enjoy, and are all making the very most of the sun and, quite frankly, ridiculous amount of bank holidays we seem to have stumbled across :)

Over and out x


Nic Lawson said...

this is gorgeous! good luck with the book! :)

Lucy said...

Aww bless him and his fluffy little ears!

Chiara Fiorentino said...

:D Your Koala is amazing!! Good luck for your new book!

Missy said...

Super cute!

Sarah Burford said...

Charlotte, This is so cute and funny! wonderful you are getting lots of work and very exciting! don't worry about lack of posts..your die hard followers will not abondon you!