Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Hello There!!

I am still alive!
Just got so much work on I've had to put most things on the backburner. Annoyingly i'm producing alot of work it's just I can't post it here due to contract etc... But here is a little something I started working on for a cover, but then never got used.

Also, a very exciting job i've possibly got on in the next couple months is for the CBeebies bedtime hour, 'Driver Dan's Story Train'. I have been selected to possibly produce illustrations for the story part of the programme. You can see exactly what I might be doing HERE.



little lyzi said...

That's amazing!! Well done :) you're doing so well xxx

Charlotte Cooke said...

Thanks babe. very excited about this one! xx

nooshin safakhoo said...

i like web-page.that s so lovely and active.