Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Upping Sticks...

So myself and the Hubbaroo are officially moving to Kent. We've taken the plunge, taken a step in the dark, a leap of faith, taking a risk, going out on a limb etc and are going to start a new life in the East. Completely the other side of the country.
Why are you going there? you may ask? Well, for one, it is an up and coming area (we're going to Ramsgate), i get to (hopefully) share a design studio with a lot of talented people, and my Hubby is going to find a job that makes him smile everyday, instead of smelling of coffee and having sore feet (he's currently a restaurant manager.)

So I wanted to check in, i'm still here, still working, but in slight suspension and transit for the next few weeks. You can get me still, but I might be like a tiny snail getting back to you.



lisa stubbs said...

Sounds fantastic, good for you guys! wishing you a smooth and lovely move to your new home and happy times to come!:)

Haidée said...

love this illustration and I live by the sea :) which is awesome

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