Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Macmillan Children's Book Prize - LONDON!

Last night, Andy and I got back from our trip to London town for the Macmillan Prize shin-dig. Got me a fancy certificate which will be framed and put on my wall! And some free wine, and nibbles, and a name badge!
But most of all I got to meet some incredibly important people.
I had a wonderful chat with illustrator Emily Gravett, and got to speak with some lovely women from the Children's book team who want to see some more of my work.

So back to London I shall go. It all starts here. Hopefully...

So as promised, here are a couple of photos from the event. My dummy book which was displayed along with another 7 or so, and me with my certificate, exhibited piece and a rather awestruck smile on my face.

Remember, the show is up until Friday I believe so if you're in London, pop over to Foyle's Bookshop Gallery, on Charing Cross Road. It's on the top floor at the back.

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pearl said...

well done charlotte!!! I'm really happy for you!! :D xx