Wednesday, 21 April 2010


So! It's all put in my portfolio, labelled, sliced and glued. My Macmillan Prize entry is now out of my hands and will be winging it's way to London town tomorrow morning... I think that i have experienced the most stress over the last 2 months that i have ever had in my life (which is very almost 26 big years...), and i've moved house and got married... hummm.
Still, I don't hold out any hope of winning, but obviously i'd love to... I've never won any competition so I don't hold my breath - Watch this space though, you never know.

So I tecnically stole this idea from my friend Mithi, who posted this idea of a little peek, but not the whole picture... Well if this ends up published one day I don't want the whole content to have been seen already do I?! So here you go - a little peek at my competition entry.


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You can have a good rest now while I panic ...