Wednesday, 18 March 2009


So, here goes. I'm going to start blogging properly like Mithi, and try and write some stuff out of my creative brain to go alongside my work i post up here. I suppose that's the way the world works these days, people getting to know you through a webpage... any hoo.

Why am I drawing cupcakes all of a sudden?

Hmm. Well, it's nothing to do with uni work, and i think it's exactly what i needed to get my creative juices flowing again, for myself you know?

Anyway, have stumbled/been introduced/had my name passed onto/got a catalogue from someone for a company called 'Phoenix Cards'. I've always been somewhat partial to making my own cards, but somehow the thought of getting paid for it has escaped me, probably with my particularly short attention span.

So, i have embarked upon hand drawny-type, paintily-'just the right amount of rough' stuff, to get together a few bits and hopefully, make a few bob. Let's see eh.


Tom Riley said...

Charlie this is really cool, i like it and the rest of your work is awesome. Keep it up! Any chance of something for our house?!

littlemithi said...

nom nom nom nom nom ....

Anonymous said...

Charlie These look good enough to eat. The rest of your work is absolutely fab. You are a very talented lady.